Saturday, January 24, 2009

My First Comment

Ok, I'm very excited. I know I'm not very good at spelling since I never went to school and still don't know how to read or write.... So, I was going through my blog from the start and fixing typos. Ouch, some were pretty bad! And what did I find, a comment. My very first comment.

I must say this was a very emotional moment for me. Ok, maybe it wasn't THAT emotional, but I was slightly excited about it. I have done nothing to promote this blog at all. I haven't even told my priest about it! Maybe I'll have to, but I usually only go to confession in Easter and Christmas, so I have some time before I have to confess what I've been doing late at night...

So, there I was, noticing that one of my tags on a previous blog entry had the word "fare" on it. Don't even ask me where the hell that came from - I have NO idea. So, I didn't even correct the error yet (mostly because I don't know what tag it was supposed to be and I don't just want to delete it, since it might have been of international importance!). So, I passed up a great typo correction (which was my primary mission) due to the excitement about my first comment. Here it is:

Pretty awesome isn't it? Somebody actually found me and took the time to comment. Ok, so they basically called me a naive idiot, but that means one of two things: 1) they know me, or 2) they actually read my incessant banter here. Since I haven't even told my priest about this, I have to assume someone actually read what I had to say!!!

And who cares if they think I'm a blithering idiot for trusting Wyndham to look out for my interests? Opinions are like onions...... all of them are a little different and most of them STINK (and make you cry). Except for vidallias though, those suckers usually don't make you cry and smell sort of pleasant.

In actuality though, this comment means something important. The reader (by the way, thanks a lot for posting an email address or link to where I can contact you, Mr/Ms "Another Owner") agrees with my basic premise that Wyndham is not to be trusted. By this point I obviously know that too Mr/Ms Owner! That's apparently why I decided to blog about it. Geez, and you call me naive! How about you pointing out the obvious! Oops, the only thing you really pointed out that I was naive. I'll give you that. I did truly believe the company would do more to take care of owners. Not so much because I thought they were an ethical, great company, but more because keeping their owners happy is how they make money. So, I would think they would try to keep owners happy, so they keep paying maintenance fees and spread the word to friends and family to buy from them. I guess I was naive for thinking they made money by having a good reputation! Stupid me!

Here's an interesting thought. I wrote that blog entry around midnight or so on January 21st. They found it and responded by 7pm the next day --- 18-19 hours later. That makes me wonder if Mr/Ms Owner has read my blog more than once or if they just stumbled on it yesterday, READ IT (haha, I like that), and commented??? So, what is it, Mr/Mrs Owner, are you my first loyal, dedicated fan? I thought I was talking (writing) to myself here and now I am a bit nervous that I might have a voyeur out there. Do you have any idea the pressure you are putting me under? Now I actually have to spell-check as I go!!! Damn!

Anyway, Mr/Ms Owner, if you are really out there (as in coming back more than once), please let me know what you think about what I'm writing about (not how naive I am). Obviously you agree with me about Wyndham screwing over their owners. If you think I have any contribution to the huge effort of owners out there that are fighting Wyndham, please share my blog information with them. In case you can't see the top of your window, it's I hope you didn't see all my misspelled words and decide not to come back again. I wish I'd been more diligent from the start!

So, anyway, I was going to write about a YouTube experience I had today, but got caught up in my elation about my first comment. It's about bedtime, so I will try to explain the main point of tonight's blog in under 200 words:

Remember the video (below) titled "Wyndham Timeshare Owner Tells All"? Well, I posted on there in response to a lady who was clearly very confused. She took my comments a bit personally for some reason. No, I didn't call her "naive", that would be rude. Just kidding. Actually, I admitted after the fact I was wrong and apologized. I should not have attacked the person, but the point. I have a lot to learn about the online world. When you are face to face with a person they can see from your body language if you are sort of teasing or using sarcasm. That is certainly more difficult with just typed words on a computer from 100s or 1000s of miles away. So, anyway, I pissed her off, she pissed me off, and the video author was sort of pissed at me too I think. Eventually it all worked out and I deleted all of my comments and the fine, upstanding young lady (who was completely uninformed and WRONG) deleted her comments. So all is fine now and I've learned my lesson to not call people stupid, just because they are talking about something they have no clue about. There... I'm glad I've learned a lesson today.

(Sorry, I went over - that was 207 words) Better luck next time.

Peaceful and warm vacationing thoughts to all. Good-night.


  1. Great blog. I am in the process of trying to protect my parents from upgrading within the Wyndham system (tried to post about this earlier, but somehow screwed up). Keep up the good work and thanks for the insight!!

  2. Just found your blog today. Had my eight hour update, yesterday.
    I am planning to email everyone on my referral list. I want them to inform anyone from Wyndham who calls that they are not interested; due to the terrible reviews that they've read on the internet from Wyndham owners.

    THE PICTURE IS MUCH CLEARER NOW. Your blog has been most helpful. No more updates for us!

    A Frustrated VIP Gold Owner